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Roy Boehm

Lets talk about life. To dream, to wish, and to set a goal is not impractical. You want to be a SEAL; never stop dreaming and work for it - who knows what lies ahead. Educate yourself and take advantage of the opportunities this great nation afford you. Immigrants to our great Nation come here for the opportunity to compete and work for their desires. You keep plugging young man, and never quit. Follow your dreams and above all don't stop looking for work as soon as you find a job.

A solid education is the key. SEALs today are expected to know how to speak other languages and be well versed in other peoples customs, religions, politics, and social structure. SEALs are expected and must also be technicians in the intricacies of a number of associated subjects.

A few run of the mill figures: out of a thousand applicants, one hundred fifty will meet the criteria for selection, From that one hundred fifty approximately twenty five to thirty will succeed in completing BUDs Training. Then there is the six months probation with an operating team. If you truly want to be a SEAL you are the only one who can make that happen. It is up to you whether to succeed or quit at every evolution in the process. If you refuse to fail, you never will.
Good Luck

Roy Boehm
First Seal